Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where did July go???? Deal of the Week ends tomorrow!!!

All along I thought the Deal of the Week ends on Monday. Boy was I wrong!! Deal of the Week ends TOMORROW!! Yikes!! You only have one more day to take advantage of the Heart to Heart punch for only $26.99!!! Contact me NOW to order!!

Where did July go by the way??? Perhaps it's the fact that the weather has never felt like summer weather, but August is upon us..... I am starting to see adds for the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) already, which is most definitely the sign of an approaching fall. For those of you who don't know what the CNE is, it is basically our "town" fair. Except that our town is over 4million people, so it's a DAMN (pardon me...) big fair. In fact, apparently it is the 4th largest in North America. It runs for the last two weeks of summer and ends on Labour Day, and for most of us in Toronto it signals the end of summer. If you happen to be in Toronto during the Ex as us locals like to call it, stop in. It can be a pretty fun time. I don't however recommend the rides. If you want good rides head up to Canada's Wonderland instead.


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