Saturday, July 25, 2009

My other laptop & the Distillery District

Hi Everyone.

I hope you are having a great weekend! Last night my husband Ed and I went on a date to celebrate my new promotion at work!!! I was promoted to Project Manager- Business Transformation! I am pretty excited about it, and it has been in the works a long time, so it is great to finally be able to talk about it publicly. We went to the Distillery District in Toronto. The Distillery District is a historical site which was once a thriving Distillery originally built in 1832. Today it is Canada's number one Movie filming location, and apparently it is second only to Hollywood in all of North America. In addition to being used in countless movies, it has been renovated and converted into a pedestrian shopping and entertainment area focusing on art, culture and entertainment and boost a whole host of yummy restaurants and artisan shops. We decided to try out the seafood restaurant called Pure Spirits Oyster bar, and we had an amazing dinner. Afterwards we wandered around to check out some of the stores etc. It was an awesome night out with my husband! And a great reason to celebrate!

Anyhow, as promised I wanted to share with you my other laptop and it's new decoration.
For this one I chose the 'Adornment' in Taken with Teal! I love these things!

Check the Definitely Decorative brochure for all of the beautiful options. This one is available in 8 different colours!!

Contact me to order yours today!


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Kathy said...

Blair, I have to say I am so impressed with how well you keep up your blog! I am a customer of Caroline's but I really like your blog. I just realized that you are a full time working mom (just like me) AS WELL AS a demonstrator and an active blogger. I've always felt that I just didn't have time to it all but you're very encouraging! I'll have to give demonstrator-ing some very serious thought.


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