Monday, August 2, 2010

Off to Camp day!!

We have had a busy weekend around here, packing everyone up. Everyone but me that is! My husband Ed is off to Winnipeg, AGAIN! My son Alexander is off to Grandma's for a week and my daughter Kieran is off to CAMP!! If I could join one of them it would be Kieran. Kieran goes to a fabulous girls camp in Algonquin Provincial Park (one of the most beautiful places on earth) called Camp Tanamakoon. I went to Tanamakoon when I was a kid right up into my twenties (I was a counselor for many many years). Now Kieran goes. This is her 5th summer and she goes for all of August. I won't get to see her or hear her voice for a whole month! I can't tell you how much I look forward to getting a letter in the mail!! It is one of the most wonderful and nurturing places you could ever send your daughter. If you have some, you should check it out. It is the single most important gift my parents ever gave me. It, more than anything else I ever did helped shaped me to be the woman, mother and person I am today. And I am so thankful that I can give her this same gift as well.

Since I have been so busy packing everyone up, and have had no time to play. This week however will be dedicated to Stampin' Up! Lots of fun things happening around here. Tuesday night is my FREE crop night (RSVP if you would like to come) and Friday is my Martini Party/Card class! I can't wait!

I will leave you with a picture of Kieran going to camp last year, but will make sure to take some new ones this year too! I can't believe how young she looks in this picture! Can you see the excitement??

I will be back tomorrow with the winner of my Card Class Blog candy tomorrow. Until then.........


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Brenda said...

Yay, have fun Kieran


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