Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Remember when I said I couldn't sew???

Well, I guess I lied a bit.... I learned to sew back in Junior High in Home Economics class. We made a pair of sweat pants (I know it was the 80's). Anyhow, I guess some of my abilities stayed with me, because since I have been making the rag quilt purses, I find I just can't stop!!!! It's crazy addictive. Well, I figured if I could make a rag quilt purse, I surely can make a rag quilt. So I popped on over to my FAVORITE quilting store (Greenwood Quiltery in Guelph) and picked up some flannel for my quilt. I cut lots and lots of squares (80 to be exact) with the back side of the quilt all being one pattern and began quilting away! For the inside because I was using flannel I just used another layer of flannel in a plain off white, no quilt batting in this one. And voila! A finished quilt! My first ever!!!!
When it was finished I was just sooooo surprised. I couldn't believe that I made a quilt, and now I want to set my sights even higher and make a full sized quilt! Yikes! It won't be right away though, as I have decided to sew all the drapes for my house. Which is a rather momentous task. We have something like 33 openings in our house! Not all of them thankfully require drapery. This second shot of the quilt shows how the back is all one fabric pattern but still made with squares. If you have ever considered making a quilt before I absolutely recommend you that this is the first quilt that you make. You will be so surprised how fast and easy it really is. The Big Shot makes very quick work of fabric. It's really amazing!

I have been sewing something else as well, not Big Shot related, but I am pretty proud of my work. Stay tuned at a later date for that!

Sewing aside, there are only 2 more days left of the Last Chance List! After July 1st they are gone for good!! Contact me today to order your Last Chance items!


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Brenda Guiney said...

cool, I've had my sights set on a quilt since my teens, but I've never done it. lol.


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